Freedom of the Press/Freedom of the People

Well said! The good thing about the USA, no matter how much Trump tries to stifle our Press- we have a strong Press in our Country and I think Trump’s Anti-Press stance has united more of them. They will dig deeper because of his attitude. Having freedom of Press/Speech in our country makes me feel safer because he can’t govern like Putin no matter how much he’d like to!


A Good Man Departs…Ushering in The Opposite

There is much respect for  outgoing USA President Barack Obama. The humility, respect and class of this world leader never ceases to amaze me. As I read an article about his last press meeting, it was not difficult to compare it to the first press conference of the incoming USA President. These men are so different, yet the responsibility of the ‘office’ is the same. As President Barack Obama advised the press, they are needed to keep the office of the president in check. The press is needed to keep whoever is governing from committing acts which are not in the best interests of the country. The press are the guardians of democracy and the mouth piece by which the public will know that power is not being abused. When the incoming president met with the press he attacked them, disrespected those who chose…

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