The Changing of the Guard

Agree with your sentiments my friend!


citizenIt drawers closer…

The thing about history is – something happened previously. It can be moments before, days before, or many ages before. History holds the archives of our decisions, actions and consequences.

Slavery, and its oppressive nature happened. The Klu Klux Klan aka KKK was and is real. The brutality against minorities from time immemorial has a place in the bowels of the world. We thought we had moved on… we did not. Obviously.  Oppression, hatred and white supremacy crimes happened and continues to happen.

If we look at the western societies which we assume to be civilized, we can see vestiges of something which should never be in our present. To unearth ancient civilizations it takes skilled archeologists to discover under tons of rubble, lost cities and artifacts. Many of these things we use to understand what was there before, and why it no longer is. There are somethings we…

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