The Nutkracker Files

He has very irresponsible parents! This was great Donna!


Nuts anyone?

This has got to be the most bizarre beginning of any year for all my life.  Someone, please tell me the USA has not become the nutcase of the world. Seriously, this is worse than a D grade movie with ‘really bad’ actors who do not have a clue about their appointed roles.

Okay, so lets face it, if all the states in the United States were looking for the very worst person, at the bottom of the barrel to lead them, they hit jackpot. Every day, I’m fascinated by the way that country is unfolding. It’s like a nuthouse full of criminals found a way to overthrow a government, through a very skillful evil enemy of the state from another country. Maybe, they used some ‘golden showers’ on the ‘G(R)OP’ party, and were able to create fake voter slips, together with as many of their people registered…

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