Do You Travel A lot? Tips to Assure a Clean Hotel Room


If you travel a lot, and tend to be picky about the hotel room you will be sleeping in- I have a few tips.

Since I do travel quite frequently I have found myself getting quite picky about the hotel I stay in, my room in particular!

My first choice is always a Marriott Brand Hotel, and I expect quality from them because they do claim to “pursue excellence.”

Over the past five years or so I have encountered some Marriott properties that were far from ‘excellent.”  However, my over all experience has been fairly positive. With that said, it only takes a few bad experiences to make me a bit paranoid about booking with another property. I had to find a way to make sure I was going to get a room that is extremely clean and maintained well.

My tips will hopefully help others to get a room with the level of comfort and cleanliness they expect.

  • Check ratings on the actual hotel site first
  • Go to TripAdvisor and compare ratings there too
  • Make sure to call the hotel after you book online and specify your needs
  • Make a follow up call 24-48 hours before arriving and ask to speak with the General Manager specifying your needs again.
  • Be sure the GM repeats your requests back to you, and assures you it’s also documented on their computer system with your reservation.
  • Become a rewards member, the hotels tend to go above and beyond for their customers that are rewards members.
  • Be specific

I always ask for a room on the highest floor away from noise. I ask them not to spray air freshener in my room, after all if it’s cleaned properly what’s the need for air freshener?!

I also ask them to make sure my A/C is in good working condition and relay to the hotel that I expect my room to be exceptionally clean.  Sadly, I’ve been blessed with unpacking all my belongings only to find the toilet seat once lifted was not cleaned.  I have found dust bunnies waiting for me, and I even had the pleasure of finding a not so nice ‘gift’ in the toilet when I checked into my room at one specific property.

Your paying for a service and you should expect nothing less than quality.

I have had good luck since I’ve been calling ahead and making sure to read the ratings. If there only a few current bad ratings- pay attention.

Wishing you great travel experiences, it makes life a bit easier, and you deserve to feel pampered! Feel free to share your experiences or tips.